CowTrac Ultima Mechanical Cow


CowTrac Ultima Mechanical Cow

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Simple 3 Button Remote Controlled Record/Play Function

The real power and flexibility of the CowTrac Ultima™ is the Record/Play capability. With four (4) memory locations that can hold up to 500 moves this is truly a system that can provide a great training program. The non-volatile memory won't lose stored programs. The record, play pause and stop functions are all activated from a 5-button remote which can be placed on your wrist or on your saddle. The pause feature lets you "stop-the-clock" in either record or play mode. All speed settings are recorded so there is no need to remember the speed settings for each program.

Compact, Powerful, and Portable

The CowTrac Ultima™ System comes in a compact, weather resistant NEMA4 steel enclosure powder coated for durability. The system comes standard with enough Supercord line for a 100 foot working area and quick mount pulley system. It weighs only 24 lbs. and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

The system comes standard with manual controls mounted on the side of the unit. Manual controls include Power Switch, Motor Polarity Switch, Adjustable Ramp control, Left/Right Switch and Slow/Fast Speed Control. The built in adjustable ramp-down feature keeps the cow from starting and stopping abruptly and ensures a smooth transition from slow to fast and fast to slow.

Dual Speed Operation

There are two adjustable speed settings on the CowTrac Ultima™ that can be accessed from either the remote or the manual switch. Pressing the remote in either direction will always start the movement at the speed set by the "slow" speed adjustment dial. Releasing and re-pressing the same button will speed up the movement based on the "fast" speed adjustment dial. Releasing and re-pressing the same button will return the system to the slow speed. Changing directions will always return the system to the slow speed setting.

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Adjustable Stop (Hard, Medium, Soft)

All CowTrac™ series systems come with the ability to set the stop. You can select a hard stop, a slow stop or one in between.

True Portability

All CowTrac™ Systems operate on 120VAC/240VAC or directly from a 12 VDC source like a deep cycle battery. The optional universal mounting system makes it easy to set up and take down in minutes.

Remote Control

Each CowTrac Ultima™ system comes with a lightweight 5 button remote as well as manual direction control mounted on the enclosure. The built in ramp-down feature allows the rider to adjust the stopping period. The tactile switch allows you to feel the contact. It can be used on either hand or placed on the saddle horn. Flush button design eliminates unwanted operation. Adjustable Velcro band and two (2) rechargeable batteries and wall/car charger included.

Light Flexible Cow

Another innovation by CowTrac™ Systems is the unique design of the cow. It's 3D head and 2D body provide lifelike movement while being extremely light and weather resistant. The four (4) line "tail-drag" system keeps the tail from sliding by the head when the cow stops. The weighted nose and feet keep the cow stable during movement.