"Al Dunning enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience at clinics. The number of people who return to his clinics again and again is a testament to the quality and learning opportunities available to the participants."


April 12 - 14
Louisburg, Kansas
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May 30 - 31
Kingman, KS
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June 1 - 2
Kingman, KS
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Austria and Germany Clinics

Al Dunning’s past seminars and clinics include John Lyons Equess America, Kansas Equifeast, Ohio Equine Affair, Mid West Horse Fair, All American Quarter Horse Congress, American Quarter Horse Youth Association World Show, Craig Cameron’s Top Gun Clinic, Equitana, Equitana Sydney, and others.

Clinics have been hosted worldwide, including Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Idaho, Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, California, Montana, Argentina, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

We can work with you to produce a customized clinic that fits your needs.