Apprentice Program

"We have had an amazing group of riders ride with us over the years. It is just as gratifying seeing them progress to meet their dreams as it is any other accomplishment that I may have."

There are a variety of ways to learn from Al, including private lessons, horse/riders in training and clinics. You can also join Team AD for coaching and critiquing by Al through video mentoring or the accreditation program for professionals and non-pros.

For those who would like the opportunity to work side-by-side with Al, we offer two programs:


Apprenticeships are offered twice a year in coordination with Al's calendar. Apprentices will be provided lodging and may bring one horse. Lessons are included in addition to working side-by-side with us. The apprentice program is $3500/month.


Working internships are available seasonally. Those interested in a working internship will need to submit a resume, a letter of recommendation from an equine college or AQHA Professional Horseman, a photo and a video demonstrating your riding proficiency. Submissions will be reviewed for future openings that may become available. We receive several applications and are usually about a year out. Working internships are 3 months long and unpaid. Lodging is provided.

Please contact us for more information.